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Fort Bragg Town Hall

Dunlap Roofing, Inc. was recently involved with the rehab of the Fort Bragg Town Hall. The work amounted to earthquake strengthening, re-roofing, painting and rehab work in general. As the building is in the historic area of downtown lets start with some views from the roof:

The General Contractor on this project is David Larkin, well known to all and a good personal friend of mine as well, not to mention he's quite the good dirt biker.

This is the view from the roof looking south.

Just to the south west is the historic Guest House Museum.

To the west is the Skunk Train Depot area.

Just to the northwest is the Depot Building, home to many shops and the locally famous Laurel Street Deli.

The view looking north up Main Street.

Looking east up Laurel Street.

Across the street to the south east is the famous Triangle Tattoo museum.

 Next we move to the roofing part of the work: 

The material selected for this project is Carlisle .080 mil thermoplasticployolephene ( aka TPO ) . Since the very heavy rolls were unable to be lifted safely to the roof, and there was very little open work area, we rolled the sheets out and cut them to size down in the street and then handed them up for installation.

Part of the rehab work involved scraping, cleaning, strengthening and repainting of the parapet walls around the top of the building - the bracket work you see here was custom made and installed by Woody's Weld All and went all around the perimeter - turns out our 6 foot wide rolls of TPO fit just right between the bottom of the wall and the feet of the brackets -

With all of the brackets, access hatches, vents and other penetrations the roofing membrane roll out went slowly with lots of measuring, cutting and patching work needed, but I knew that would be the case going into this roof.

Here my foreman Ty Ashby is sealing in one of the access hatches.

Here the roof is mostly covered, now for LOTS of detail work.

This is one of the finished access hatches with it's newly made cover from North Coast Plumbing and Sheet Metal.

The TPO membrane was used to cover the interior of the walls as well, fastening it was slow also as we had to pre-drill into the concrete and secure with Tapcon concrete screws.

Many of these corner patches were used throughout the project.

Here's the upper roof area nearly completed. A stainless steel flashing is yet to be installed on the cap after the baluster painting is completed.

Stainless steel was used under the balusters as well.

More stainless work along with roofing on the exterior cornice roof area.

We also re-roofed the 2 lower areas on the west side.

The detail work just wouldn't end, with non stop cutting, patching, and welding.

Near the end of the project I arrived to find a local Fish and Game warden with his daily "catch", quite a few pounds of freshly confiscated marijuana plants.

His "haul" was quite the attraction with even city workers having their pics taken along with the plants, just another day in the sleepy hamlet of Fort Bragg.

Mendocino county's finest produce. I had to get away as I was already getting the "munchies" , just from being so close ...........................

The front of town hall. The painting on the project was done by my good buddy Cesar's crew from R & B Painting, the architects were locals from just down the street Leventhal, Schlosser and Newburger.

The decorative balusters were supplied by European Wood Turning and installed by Dave Larkin and his crew.

 According to Dave Larkin the project was completed on time and on budget.
And don't forget the roofing that protects it all is from
Dunlap Roofing, Inc.

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