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Ann's Place

For this recent project the plan was to remove all existing roofing which includes the older hot tar gravel roofing along with more recently installed torch down roofing. After removing the old roofing we then cut all raised fascias down flush with the roof sheathing to eliminate the built in gutter system. As usual some rotten rafters and sheathing was found that needed replacement. We then added 3 total 22''  Velux tube skylights along with a 10'' tube skylight in 1 other spot. The home was then re-roofed with 30 year shingles and all new flashings. To finish the project we installed seamless aluminum gutters featuring a company record setting 127 foot one piece seamless gutter for the rear of the home. 


So here we go with the process :

First the gravel has to be removed.

All gravel was left on site per our homeowners request for her driveway.

Here you see where the gravel roofing and the torch down roofing was connected and the raised eave fascias.

Here you can again see the old gravel roof along with the raised eave fascias.

After the gravel is removed the actual roofing itself has to go.

At this point the roof is completely removed and ready for the next step.

On front and back we found some rotted plywood, easy to fix with the old roof gone.

On the left here you can see where we cut the left side fascia down but kept the right side intact until the satellite folks could be there to re-set it correctly after cutting it down also.

In several locations rotted rafters were uncovered that needed replacement, again easy to do with the roofing removed.

With all the prep work done we can now start re-roofing, the easy part.

New flashings were installed on the existing curb mounted skylights.

The new Velux 22'' tube skylights are state of the art products, easy to install.

The view through the plywood opening down to the ceiling fixture below.

After the roof was nearly completed we began the installation of the gutters. Here you can see our attempt at a personal record 127 continuous feet of gutter. A gutter that long goes into a bent arc as it comes out of the machine but hangs perfectly to the eave when installed.

With 6 ladders in place and 6 roofers ready to support the gutter here we go up to the ladder sets.

Up and onto the roof it goes.

Once in place it then needs to be moved to the rear of the home. not only did we achieve the long length but the gutter actually goes to the rear of the home and with no access back there it had to be made in front and then taken over to the back. DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME, WE ARE PROFESSIONALS!

Now it gets picked up and moved to the other side.

After setting it down on the rear roof eave, moving all ladders to the back and re-setting the roofers we were able to install it with success. A NEW DUNLAP ROOFING RECORD! 127 feet in 1 piece, no joints mean no leaks, ever!

We of course also finished the gutters all the way around the house, here's the front.

The finished roof looking south with the 4 new tube skylights.

This is the south end hip roof with 2 curb mounted skylights.

A view of the finished roof looking north.


At the end of the project our homeowner was very pleased with our efforts as shown below.

"The roofing project with Stephen Dunlap to roof my four plex was a terrific success.  The negotiations and decisions after he made the estimate were smooth and uncomplicated.  Although it was a complex 5 day project including installing four tube lights  and the "record setting" all in one length gutter... his crew was considerate, thoughtful about privacy and cleaned up at end of each day.   I was impressed with the communication, competency, expertise, and efficiency during the entire process." 

Thanks, Ann

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