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Mobile Home Modification

Here we have an old yucky mobile home roof, leaking and in bad shape, plus with no overhangs.

This area rusting and also yucky.

An old HVAC unit box was removed.

And a new plate set in caulk and screwed down to cover the hole.

To extend the eaves away from the siding our friend at Cal Shake Shingle in Ukiah ( Mike Nelson that is ) suggested this plan, and it worked out very good ( let's get him some GR ! ).

All eaves on this mobile home were extend 12'' , the metal all set in a very high quality metal caulking.

Each of the 10 foot sections were connected with 4 inch wide plates to stabilize the system.

This is a view from the underside, perhaps not the prettiest but very effective.

On the gable ends we went with less of an extension but added a ladder guard to protect the extensions.

Ok, so now all of the new metal eaves and extensions are installed and completed, let's start the sealing in and new surface coating, so first we begin with a layer of fibrated aluminum roof coating to the connections of the new metal.

Then we add a 4 inch wide strip of fiberglass seam tape.

 Then another layer of the roof coating, of course very similar to drywall mudding and taping.

Now THIS is seamwork teamwork !

Master mixologist Dustin keeps the coating stirred and coming as fast the roofers spread it on.

Remember the box we removed and patched the hole ?  It gets the tape treatment as well.

Once all the edges are taped we coated the entire roof.

Coating continues on all areas.

Here we are all sealed and coated, we let this coat dry over night and came back later the next day for a complete second coat.

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