Green Roofing & Decking

Going Green with Roofing Systems and Decks

While green roofing systems are beginning to emerge, the technology is in a state of flux. The cost of the materials is in the premium range but these roofs do look nice and there are a number of “green” roofing options available.

There is a growing number of manufacturers of sustainable, environmentally friendly roofing systems. These products are with a simple goal: to manufacture premium ecological roofing products using technologies such as recycled rubber and plastics.

Roofing systems are not the only way to go green. We also use a decking product that is a through-color plastic. It never needs painting, very little, if any, maintenance and should never rot.

Dunlap Roofing keeps up with the ever changing green roofing systems and decking technologies. We are not early adopters and prefer to wait until a product has been time tested and is ready to implement. We are always available to advise you accordingly with the most current sound solutions if you want to go green.

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