Gutter & Downspout Services

Have you checked your gutters lately?

Like your roof, gutters are important to the well being of your home. A proper gutter and downspout system moves water from a general flow off your roof to a more controlled system that directs rainfall away from your home to designated locations.

As a roofing company we work to insure the roof to gutter connection is correct and downspouts are located in the best locations to protect your home. Dunlap Roofing uses pre-coated aluminum stock to make our gutters on site to the exact length of each roof eave. There are no joints that can leak, ever. The pre-coated aluminum cannot rust nor will it ever need painting. We also can install leaf guards of various types depending on the types of trees you have.

Repairing of existing homeowner installed gutters can be very problematic as leaks typically happen at the joints. We recommend a replacement to our joint free system.

Contact Dunlap Roofing today to set up a consultation for your gutter and downspout needs.