I cannot express how satisfied my family and I are with the new roof and gutters!

First off, the final price was below what we expected.  Secondly, your crew is top notch.  The communication was excellent and these guys know how to bust their asses and do a superb job.  I shall recommend Dunlap Roofing without a second thought.

We knew we made the right choice.  Your company was the only one that we called for an estimate.  Besides the radio commercials, your website and word of mouth sold me.

I’ve never really had a new roof let alone gutters.  My grandparents bought this place in 1947.  After their passing and some greedy family members, the once 200 acres is down to 6.69 acres and I am beyond proud of what my wife and I own.  We work hard for everything we have.  I mention this simply because my pride has increased because of the addition of the roof and gutters that your company has provided for more than what we consider reasonable.  Neighbors have already commented on it’s looks and I make sure they know it was Dunlap Roofing.

A huge thank you from my wife Kristy, my daughter Keely, my sons Bryce & Jeremy and definitely myself.

It has been a pleasure seeing the transformation.  Being self employed has allowed me to take time off and see the progress and talk to Uribe, Jesus, Fernando and Willie.  Please take care of these guys.  They are definitely an asset to your operation.

One last thing:  last Sunday there was a 20% chance of rain.  It did rain here for about 20 minutes.  I bring this up because prior to the rain, Uribe was knocking on my door.  He came to cover up something on the roof due to the small chance of rain.  Nothing says customer service like this did.

One more last thing:  I’ve been following a Facebook page called Mendocinosportsplus.  Are one of you involved with them?  Either way, keep up the good reporting.  I honestly enjoy the posts.  Blaine, I hope you get better.  Hopefully in the future we may all get the chance to meet.  You guys are great!

With utmost respect and sincerity,

David Bryant
CDE Certified

Hi Steve,

I am so pleased with our new gutters.  It hasn’t rained yet but I know that we won’t have water spilling over them and creating enormous messes.
Your team of workers was pleasant, professional and quite efficient.  Plus they cleaned up after themselves, a job often left for me!
If you ever need a testimonial in your advertising, I’d be happy to give you one.



Received the bill. Thank you so much, out of the 9 companies I contacted, your company was the only one that was willing to help. Thank you. I will be mailing a check to you in the morning. Please thank Blaine for his help, it was greatly appreciated.

Who ate the first oyster? NOT A CLUE !

Louise Stockam

Dear Stephen,
Just a follow up note to thank you for the outstanding job on our re-roof project in Willits!
I chose Dunlap Roofing out of five bid requests because of your professionalism, willingness to listen to my questions and provide a clear quote that met my budget and my needs.

I am all too familiar with how unforeseen construction events can quickly turn a seemingly straightforward project in to a blustering mess. Your crew took care of the permit, tear down, disposal, repairs, re-roof, inspections and gutters with organization and respect for our property during the process.

There were a few mishaps associated with the job, such as the final on the permit, the satellite dish issue, the overlooked bay window and two forgotten gutter downspouts that needed addressing. Where other contractors might have taken weeks to resolve these issues, tacked on additional fees to address, or told me that “it wasn’t covered in the contract”, you handled all situations quickly and professionally–without additional cost or extended time to complete. In all the issues that came up, your response time and quick corrective actions really impressed me.

I certainly feel there is integrity built in to your commitment to complete a job to the customer’s satisfaction and believe you stand behind your corporate mantra: it’s never crowded when you go the extra mile. I would be happy to provide a professional referral for Dunlap Roofing to anyone who is considering a roofing project. There may be lots of choices in Mendocino County for roofing contractors, but there was only one right choice for me–Dunlap Roofing!

Tanya Petitclerc
Willits, CA

Oh, Blaine— it looks fabulous! I am very pleased with the terrific job you and your crew did. And the color is much better than the old one.

I can’t thank you — and Stephen — enough for the excellent customer service. I mailed my check yesterday, so payment is on the way. (I know, “the check is in the mail” — but it really is!)

Take good care, Blaine. I really appreciate all you’ve done for me.

All the best,

Trust and Integrity
Getting a new roof is a lot different than buying a new flat panel TV at a big box store. With the TV, if you don’t like the results, you can take it back for a refund. But with the roof, you own it for the next 20 years.

That difference is why I chose Stephen Dunlap to install my new roof in the village of Mendocino. I check the references and previous jobs and found a solid reputation. Stephen and his crew showed as promised and finished the job on time and on budget. Their clean up was neat and complete. The roof is water tight and ready for our coastal storms.

So, if you are making a similar “20 year decision” as I did, go with trust and integrity and chose Dunlap Roofing.

Peter Sealey
Mendocino, CA

Dear Stephen,

When I would ask my dad how he was doing, he would sometimes say “Situation normal, all f**ked up.” SNAFU for short. It seems that no matter how I proceed this situation is determined to remain snafu’ed. You already know most of the gory details but I’ll add some more here.

After we last talked on the phone I put a stop payment on the check that I mistakenly sent to the wrong address. So far so good.

Then, a person (who will remain nameless if I want to remain married) very kindly asked if I had any mail to post. Against my better judgment I said “Yes” and handed over the envelope containing your newly written check with your Fort Bragg address on it. So far so good.

Now, fast forward a week. I’m driving the car to town and what do I see poking out from under the passenger seat? Yes, your check. I know the rest of the mail made it into the box that day because some of it was other checks which have cleared, but yours apparently made a break for it and hid under the seat for a week. Not so good. Snafu.

The good news is that if you’re reading this your money should be happily in your hands and all should be resolved.

As much as I can guarantee anything I can pretty much guarantee that nothing like this will happen again. Your correct address is now in my data base and I will be double checking it regardless. I will also handle the entire process myself from now on. Lesson learned.

I want to thank you and Blaine for giving this problem your personal attention. It’s been a good 10 years ongoing. I’ve had 4 different roofing companies and none of them ever event attempted to do more than reset some shingles, let alone determine the cause and then actually do something about it as you did. We’ve had pounding, blowing rain for days since the repairs and so far so good on both buildings. Thanks! I’ll be telling people to avoid the hassles and call you first.

Thanks again,
Kevin “Bone Dry” Nelson

P.S. Let me know if the snafu continues in any way. I hope not.

“Our new roof with rigid foam insulation was installed in a timely fashion and we can already feel the improvement in comfort. The roof looks great and we enjoyed watching Dunlap’s team working together in a smooth and coordinated manner. We highly recommend Dunlap Roofing.”

“A Satisfied Customer”

I don’t pretend to understand roofing as well as you, but I do know contracts and construction. I do have a Bullshit meter that works most of the time. Your competitors while probably competent, left me with a bad feeling.

I will tell you that you got the job because of Blaine and his foreman and the e-mails and conversations you and I had. There was a lot of respect and honesty in our talks.

Blaine and his crew are easy to have around. They are very considerate of my home and property.

I don’t like spending money, but when you have to, or sit in water all winter, it is definitely easier when you are paying someone who obliviously knows what they are doing and takes pride in their work.

By the way my son is very happy and relieved that I had the roof done and he didn’t have to.

Bob Mayo

I first contacted Dunlap Roofing in June 2008 for a roof inspection. Your folks came as promised and gave our roof a clean bill of health. In August of 2009 we decided to go ahead an install a new roof as ours was 30 years old. Our email contact was promptly handled and followed by another inspection and estimate that was held very close to the estimate given in 2008. We made an appointment and the Dunlap installers came as promised. The entire crew worked very hard to complete the job in 1 day even with 100 degree plus weather! It was a bit tough on the crew from Ft Bragg!

The job was done well, fast, safe and clean. The entire crew was very friendly and we appreciated that.

Thanks for a great job! Anyone interested in a new roof should give Steve a call; I am happy to offer a recommendation.

Walt…..Willits, CA

I cannot say enough good things about Dunlap Roofing. Stephen Dunlap is great to work with and flexible in terms of providing an excellent quality roof and gutter system that met my budget. I was also very impressed how well the crew worked together as a team. They were prompt, efficient, courteous, and accommodating to any request. My job roofing job was completed quickly and exceeded all of my expectations and then some. I would recommend Dunlap Roofing to anyone for their roofing needs, large or small.

Thanks Steve, and crew!-
John Coleman

I just had to have my roof replaced. I took several bids; and chose Dunlop Roofing. It was a very good decision. He gave me a clear and concise written bid (only one other roofing contractor did this).

His crew was fast, efficient and amazing. They had the old shingles off, the parts of the wooden roof in need of repair, fixed; and the black paper on, the first day. And, there was no sign of the old detritus.

I came home from work the second day, and everything was done. The roof was beautiful, all clean up was finished; decks swept, plant containers put back where they belonged and nary a nail to be found, anywhere.

I am pleased beyond measure and would like to publicly thank Mr. Dunlap and his crew for making this as painless as possible.

Cheri Langlois
Elk, Ca

Thank you, Stephen Dunlap Roofing and crew, for your professional expertise with the roofing project of our large barns in December 2008. You and the crew were dependable, efficient, and respectful of our property. The job was completed within the designated timeframe, and your price was fair and reasonable. We look forward to working with you again on our new upcoming projects.

Gloria Stornetta

Dunlap Roofing replaced the roof on my home in Fort Bragg in September 2008. I can recommend their work without qualification and with my thanks for the quality of their workmanship. They finished the complex job in the time promised at the budgeted price and did it professionally and with the utmost in courtesy.

J. Randolph Bare

Neighbor lady had a new roof done and after a few years, it leaked.
Called Dunlap, they came out, checked things out and told her it wasn’t done right in the first place. She then had Dunlap FIX IT right!!

Good enough recommendation for me.

I called Dunlap for an estimate. Was told not till after the first of the year so I did a small patch job to hold me till it could get replaced.

This was around the first part of December 2023. Got a call that they could do the job sooner than expected, mid-December.

The crew came out, got in the middle of it and in a few days, between rain showers, got the roof done, new gutters and all!!

Pretty much knew what to expect as far as price by the estimate but I knew it would be higher because of the age of the of roofing, (50+ years) and what they would find once it was opened up.

Don’t tell me how much, just FIX IT and they did exactly that!!

The crew? Nicest bunch of Guy you would ever want to meet. VERY professional. Told me what they were doing at every step and why.

When they were done, I went looking for some details that I had thought of.
Couldn’t find anything. They DID everything!! Beautiful job.

This roof will last longer than I will be around. First class quality service!!

You need a roof job? Call Dunlap Roofing. Thinking no better service can be had for the price and quality.

Mike & Judy McQuisten

“Dunlap Rooting did a great job re-roofing our house and garage this past summer. The crew was professional and pleasant to work with from start to finish. Dry rot repairs were necessary in some areas and the crew’s carpenter explained what needed to be done and completed the work handily. Clean up was impeccable.”


I waited for a couple of years, to see how the roofs performed during storms and heavy wind, before sharing a review of our roofs. And here it is: they held up well, they look great and the crew was a delight to have on our property. The clean-up was meticulous and the price was right. If we are still around when our roofs need replacement, we’ll call on Dunlap Roofing.

Kathy Silva
Fort Bragg


I just need to tell you what a great group of guys you have working for you! Their professionalism and hard work shows they care about what they do! We cant believe how quick they had the job done as well as you couldn’t even tell they were here! They picked up every last piece. Duff came home and was so impressed! We will recommend Dunlap roofing always!

Thanks again,
Tonya Miller & Duff Fairlee

Recommendation For Dunlap Roofing:

Several months ago Dunlap Roofing installed a new roof for me. My old roof was redwood shingle and was leaking. The old roof needed to be stripped, plywood needed to be installed over the skip sheathing, and then composition shingles needed to be installed. I also wanted copper flashing and a specially shaped drip molding that is not sold in Northern California. I worried about what the new roof and flashing would look like.

Well, the new roof is beautiful, the copper flashing looks great, and Stephen Dunlap did a wonderful job of constructing the drip molding just exactly the way I wanted. And after several months of rain, the roof no longer leaks – and that is what is really important. I am delighted with the new roof.

But beyond just the physical roof, other things are also important. Stephen, himself, has been a delight to work with. He returned my calls promptly, made constructive suggestions about the job, and (yes) gave me a very competitive price that was thousands of dollars less than a competitor for the same very specific job description.
In addition, his crew was friendly, professional, hard-working, and they cleaned up after themselves so well that we did not have to do any additional clean up. Also, because our old roof was made of old growth redwood shingles that we wanted to keep, his crew neatly stacked the old shingles in a place away from the house where we wanted them placed.

We are very happy with our experience with Dunlap Roofing. And yes, we would use them again. We most highly recommend them.

Michael Schiro
Aurora Shattuck

Thank you for doing my roof, it looks beautiful. You have a great team, they work well with each other and work they do. I know you must take good care of your crew, that was the key to my fathers success, he taught that to me.

Thanks again,

Hi Steve,

I love the new roof! I am very impressed with the look and the workmanship. It’s beautiful, with the copper flashing and the new skylight, very classy. And, your crew was great, friendly, responsible and cleaned up nicely after finishing the work. Even tolerated our continuous packing of stuff in and out!

Thanks for the quality work,
Leslie Mahon

Hi Stephen,

The roof looks great! The “weaving” in to match the old roof looks good, there are differences in color due to the older vs new shingles but it blends well. The job was done quickly (3 1/2 hours!) and no mess left. The skylight is well done. The workers were courteous and friendly. We had you re-roof our existing home 5 years ago so that’s one of the reasons I chose you to do the roof on our addition.

Thanks for a great job,
Bonnie Belt

P.S. The price was competitive and reasonable (especially with the cost of Work Comp Ins! [your old St. Fund Auditor from 9 yrs ago].)

Good Day Stephen,

I would like to take this opportunity to thank you for the new roof that you put on my house in Irish Beach. I especially like the way you were able to work with my contractor in scheduling this job around our time with the wet weather this season and the possibility of extensive termites damage repair work.

Your bid was right in the middle of the other recommended Roofers but your ability to work within our schedule was what sold us on you. Everything came together and so smoothly. Your crew was great, fast and professional.The house looked like new again.

I’ve been spreading the word to all my neighbors how great the job went so feel free to use me as a reference.

Patrick L. Robards

The roofing project with Stephen Dunlap to roof my four plex was a terrific success. The negotiations and decisions after he made the estimate were smooth and uncomplicated. Although it was a complex 5 day project including installing four tube lights and the “record setting” all in one length gutter… his crew was considerate, thoughtful about privacy and cleaned up at end of each day. I was impressed with the communication, competency, expertise, and efficiency during the entire process.



Great job on replacing the roof on our house on Sherwood Road!! We wish to express our appreciation to you and the employees of Dunlap Roofing. Everyone was a pleasure to work with. They were very professional and courteous. As any unforeseen things came up, they were very quick to identify them, bring them to our attention, present options, and take the necessary action to fix the problem without any delay in completing the roof. Everything was picked up and cleaned at the end of each day, so that when you were done, we didn’t have to do any additional clean-up. Appreciate the timely response in which you were able to schedule and complete the work and would be happy to recommend Dunlap Roofing to anyone.

Thanks again,
Steve and Susan Nelson

Dear Stephen and Amazing Crew,

Thank you for the lovely new roof on my home and garage. It was a pleasure to have you here on my property and the results are a gorgeous new “leak proof” roof. Your honesty and work ethic is greatly appreciated. Your crew was very friendly, efficient, neat and clean. I am certain it will withstand the powerful ocean winds and keep me warm and dry. If you want to choose a beautiful gray color for your roofing project then “Georgetown Gray” is the one. Whatever type of roof or color Stephen Dunlap Roofing is your man.

Katie in Cleone

Stephen Dunlap and his crew recently re-roofed my cabin, not an easy job considering its age and lack of straight lines. Steve and his crew were punctual, fast, exceedingly courteous and professional, carefully protecting my plants and cleaning up every last piece of debris. I now have a nice newly insulated roof and snazzy skylight, and no leaks!

Annie Lee

Hey Steve, Sure, I’d be happy to exspongiate as to the high quality and
“swiss watch” like precision of your craft.

Satisfied Customer, Jim Deering
James A. Deering / Artistic Building

A few years ago, I had a new roof put on my house. Stupidly, I did not use Stephen Dunlap! Every year since then, my roof leaked. When I called the company that put on the roof, they were rude and refused to make it right. Finally, in desperation, I called Stephen Dunlap and re-did the roofing on one section. Dunlap was courteous, prompt, and efficient. The work was completed in one day, with minimal intrusion. Most important: the work was done right. The previous company had omitted several key steps. No wonder my roof had leaked! I live on a retirement pension, so it was also important to me that Dunlap was honest in his recommendations; he did not try to convince me to use the most expensive materials. He gave me options, with different bids. I took what I thought I could best afford. How I wish I had used Stephen Dunlap the first time around. I recommend his work gladly – it is honest, careful, and correct. You will never be sorry if you choose this company!

Karen Lebacqz

Steve Dunlap and his crew did a superlative job reroofing my house. They did the job exactly as promised and (this is important) cleaned up the surrounding area immaculately. Now that’s what I call a job well done!

Margaret Fox

In the middle of the winter, I found that my 30 year old original shake roof was leaking . Steve and his crew did a new roof between winter storms. They were finished in two days and left the area much cleaner than they found it. I was especially impressed with how much time they spent making sure there were no nails left on the ground. I recommend Dunlap Roofing to anyone who wants a roofer they can count on.

Michael Carroll

We have worked with Dunlap Roofing on multiple commercial roofing projects over the years and could not be more satisfied with their excellent service. From the initial consultation through project completion, their team is professional, knowledgeable, and a pleasure to work with. They take the time to understand our specific needs and always deliver high-quality work at competitive prices. We especially appreciate their attention to detail, proactive communication, and ability to complete jobs on schedule. Dunlap Roofing has become our go-to partner for all our commercial roofing needs. We highly recommend them and look forward to continuing our successful working relationship for years to come.

Jon G

Very glad I went with Dunlap roofing. They were fast and professional. I’m very happy with the outcome. Would highly recommend!!

We had the roof on our home on Pt. Cabrillo Dr. replaced by Dunlap Roofing about one year ago.

They did an OUTSTANDING job. The house is pretty much right on Casper Beach, so it has some significant exposure to the weather. It also has a bunch of skylights and original copper gutters.

Stephen was great to work with. Very timely communication and detailed explanation on the process, color options, timing, etc. and on potential issues with the skylights and gutters.

He and his crew got the work done right on schedule, replaced the skylights with new ones and fitted them perfectly into the existing openings with pretty much ZERO damage to the interior ceilings, and kept the gutters!

And their clean-up after the work was exceptional.

With all the weather this year, we’ve had no issues at all except for some clogged and/or leaking gutters and downspouts.

I emailed Stephen and asked him if might be able to inspect them and clean or repair as needed.

We were out of town, but again he was very responsive and within a week I had an email telling me the gutters were fine but all the downspouts were clogged, so he and is crew went ahead and got them all cleaned out.

Thank you Dunlap Roofing for everything.

Seriously, thank you!

Marco I

I submitted a request for bids to several local roofers and Dunlap Roofing came in with price including new gutters + leaf guards that was the most reasonable. Contact with Blaine was very cordial and professional and in a couple of days, checked out my roof and gave me the estimate.

I was quickly put on the list and the crews showed up to do the work on time every day. They maintained a clean work environment, never impacting the shrubbery around the house and cleaning the area daily after work. They also worked to cause the least impact on us and contact with them was always very cordial, treating us as the boss.

They contended with some problems with the underlayment that needed correcting and worked quickly and efficiently completing the entire job in 7 days of work leaving us with new roof and beautiful seamless metal gutters that enhance the look of the property.

I would recommend Dunlap Roofing to anyone looking for roof or gutter work.

Robert K

Contact Dunlap Roofing today to set up a consultation for all of your roofing needs.