New Roofs and Re-Roofing Services

Is it time for a new roof?

Roofing, like many other things, wears out with time. Typically we can repair and maintain a roof for a few years after leaks start to appear. Keep in mind, if you have a wood grain open beam ceiling vs. a drywall ceiling the tolerance for leaks varies from home to home.

You do not want ANY leaks with an open beam ceiling if possible. Once leaks do start we can do our yearly tune ups for your roof. A tune up is a simple inspection and minor repair process as needed to get you through another season.

Most tune ups cost well under $1,000 and are a cost value until the point where repairs cost more than a tune up, or that upon inspection it is determined that the roof needs to be replaced.

The most common roofing is the dimensional shingle, used for sloped roofs, Class A fire rated and a long time standard.

We also offer two flat roof systems, either granulated torch down roofing and our single ply TPO membrane. There are times when one system is a better choice than the other, and we will evaluate your needs and advise accordingly.

Often used on commercial buildings, we offer a liquid rubber coating for especially select flat roof applications.

We also install metal roofing.

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