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Marvin Gardens

For this job we are at the office of Marvin Gardens Apartments in Fort Bragg, CA - after re-roofing most of the buildings there though the last 10 years now it's time for the office itself.

As with the rest of the roofs on site we started by installing ripped 2 x 6's ( diagonally ) to create some drainage as the roofs there were nearly dead flat and held a lot of ponding water during the rains.

To further drainage we cut the roofing back at the drain locations to make the drains as low as possible to assist drainage.

On the lower edges we let the middle rafters go long making them higher than the drains to further help matters.

To install the plywood we start on the highest point and worked downhill making our cuts at the lower edges.

So the plywood is installed down to the lower edges leaving the drain area open.

After the felt underlayment comes the granulated torch down roofing.

Re-roofing continues with work around the skylight.

Both sides are getting near the roof peak.

The skylight curb is completely wrapped with torch down roofing eliminating the need for flashings.

In the critical drain locations we used new copper flashings.

Getting close to being done.

New galvanized flashings on the plumbing vents.

It's done, very smooth and clean.

Here is a finished drain.

And the final matter was installing a new skylight.  Not sure about Eric there on the left?  Is he checking wind direction or ordering a cheeseburger?

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