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Laytonville Chevron
Laytonville Chevron Roof After

Laytonville Chevron roof completed

Laytonville Chevron Roof Before

Laytonville Chevron roof before re-roofing

Re-roofing roofs like this one present special challenges, rolling out typical membrane roofing is very difficult around the many protrusions of HVAC and other pipes/vents. After much research we have discovered a great solution from a company called MCPU. The solution also offers GREAT reflective qualities as a bonus to our clients.

After a thorough cleaning and prep process the first layer of a red seal coat is applied, a “liquid applied synthetic rubber” also known as a two-component polyurethane rubber. The two components are mixed in liquid form and then they react to form a self-leveling rubber membrane.

After the first coat cures, we apply the top coat of a single component polyurethane that cures when exposed to air. It forms a second layer of synthetic rubber that is much more resistant to sunlight than the red sealer.

The finished surface is highly reflective and easy to maintain. The owner of the Chevron called weeks later to say the temperatures inside his business were MUCH LOWER on the really hot days than before the reflective coating was applied.

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