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Fort Bragg Starbucks
Fort Bragg Starbucks Roof Completed

Fort Bragg Starbucks roof completed

Fort Bragg Starbucks Roof Before

Fort Bragg Starbucks roof repair in process

Here we have “the only Starbucks” in Fort Bragg, as I like to call it—through the recent years we have been doing leak repairs mostly to the perimeter of the tile roofing, the leaks were coming from an old galvanized gutter that was built into the building many years ago. And also some tiles were beginning to break and come loose. A major concern was of course not only my crew’s safety (on this and every project we do) but the safety of a non-stop flow of Starbucks clients passing through every day.

So the plan was to remove all the tiles (which were there from the first construction as the building had been a Taco Bell at first), fill in the metal pan, cover it with TPO roofing membrane and then re-roof with a specialty shingle as this building is right downtown and is highly visible to all.

The shingle selected was the perfect choice, it really “classed up” the building from the old Taco Bell look it had for years.

The entire project took approximately 4 days and will stand for years as the new and improved “only” Starbucks in Fort Bragg.

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