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Completed Wood re-roof

Completed re-roof

The stripped wood roof area on the upper level of this multi-level home

The stripped roof area on the upper level of this multi-level home

Adding shingles to a stripped wood roof

Adding shingles to a stripped roof

One of the most common situations we address at Dunlap Roofing is to strip a wood roof, install plywood, and then re-roof with composition shingles. 20 to 30 years ago when most of these roofs were installed, the quality and cost of wood products made them a popular choice. But now that the quality of wood has diminished and the cost has greatly increased, in addition to the awareness of the extreme fire hazard, we just don’t install wood roof products any more(with rare exception).

Once the old wood roof is stripped, we use a process called skip sheathing. We usually install 5-ply, 1/2″ CDX plywood hand nailed with galvanized #8 nails. One bonus of this process is that you end up with a roof that has far more shear strength. Typically we spend one day stripping a roof, one day installing plywood, and two days installing the roof and finishing the clean up. To do a thorough clean up we use magnets to scour the ground for nails.

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