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Mahon Job

"Hi Steve,

I love the new roof!  I am very impressed with the look and the workmanship.  It's beautiful, with the copper flashing and the new skylight, very classy.  And, your crew was great, friendly, responsible and cleaned up nicely after finishing the work.  Even tolerated our continuous packing of stuff in and out!

Thanks for the quality work,
Leslie Mahon"


For this roof we will being removing an old shake roof and re-installing a new 50 year shingle roof.

Going into the project we knew the south low slope area would need plywood and the north low roof area didn't need plywood, what was unknown was would the steep roof area need plywood sheathing or not? Otherwise, the property has a very small parking area and a very winding road to get into the house making for difficult access just to get on site and with no direct access to the house with trucks and equipment, so all removal and re-loading of the new roofing had to be hand packed in.  

Turns out the steep roof area had skip sheathing and did require a layer of "1/2'' cdx 5 ply plywood. After the plywood was installed we continued with the re-roof process on the north side.

Here you can see the "skip sheathing" nearly done with a small area left around the lower stove pipe to be done. 

To re-roof steep roof areas we use "hooks and planks" to work up to the ridge and then remove them on the way back down. 

After the north side was completed we started on the south side demo. 

The general contractor and his friend performed some touchy rot repairs, the general contractor (Scotty B as I call him) asked that I not use his photo or name on my website so I didn't give you his front view or full name, he should know better than the tell me "not" do something by now  :<) 

On the north side here you can see the "skip sheathing" clearly with the rigid insulation over the living area and none on the overhangs.

Oops, 3 sheets of plywood short, may as well keep working on the lower areas. 

Getting close to being done, here we are finishing the last area of the main house. 

And there you have it, the completed roof, well almost. 

The last area to be completed is the area where (Scotty B, remember, I can't mention his name) did his rot repair work  -  a new glass skylight along with copper flashings and we are done. 

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